UploadMe! is created as an open-source information platform with a journalistic approach for easy access to the idea of connecting brains to computers. The Vision is to bring this topic into more people's presence, foster discussion and nurture public knowledge in the field.

That's why UploadMe! speaks a non-medical and non-technical language and interpretes scientific ideas for 'the rest of us'.

Why UploadMe?

For a while now, i researched into brain-machine-interfaces or brain-computer-interfaces because i find the topic just fascinating. However, digging deeper, I realized that humanity is already very close to an impact to our society at large. What i once thought was impossible seems now feasible.

With this technology we are standing right now pretty much where we were standing around the year 2000 thinking about mobile phones. Now, less than 20 years later everybody got one in their pocket and even if we want to; we could not really live a comfortable live without them any more. Smart phones have been the arguably the biggest disruption of the last decade and BMI’s could quite possibly be the next of this kind.

However, when i go around in the tech areas of this world (and i do that a lot as a founder and speaker, which is my day-job), i do not see that this topic is much under discussion. Most people i talk to are actually rather surprised. 

I hope i can open eyes a little for this field that seems to have so much impact for our future as humanity, but that I don’t see people discussing about really, even though the technology is already been used.
I hope this project sparks interest so that we can have a joined discussion in society and not just inside of the boardrooms of a handful of startups that choose the faith of humanity's future. 

To be most transparent i like to point out that UploadMe!  is a brand organized under the German company TechVentury GmbH. 
TechVentury GmbH is my vehicle to nurture new ideas and projects that i am personally involved as a founder and that have not yet been founded under their own name and company. TechVentury is 100% owned by me and comes handy in cases where UploadMe! wants to write an invoice or needs to act as a legal entity.

I am a person generally fascinated by tech and science. Over the years i have collected valuable experiences in a multitude of different fields.

I started off as a photographer in fashion, moved 2003 to Shanghai, China, where i developed more into car photography corner and together with my partner Jen Halim created the brand "The Looop". We built a 1000sqm car studio on an ex-army airport in Shanghai Longhua and a photo-production house in late 2005. In 2008 i got interested in 3D-rendering and started "The Looop CGI". The 3D part of our ventures flourished in 2010 and we became one of the best known brands for 3D-rendering in China during that time. 

In 2016, i founded SOOOM, another 3D-rendering company in which i traded the designer-office with a software platform and we became the first fully decentral 3D-redering company.

Fascinated by disrupting power of the internet i started to research deeply into more areas of technology. Besides topics like Quantum Computing and Drone Technology my main topics became Blockchain (especially DAO's and the possibility to build democratic companies), Singularity inspired by Ray Kurzweil and Brain-Machine-Interfaces. The latest one lead to the birth of

Marten Rauschenberg

Researcher / System Architect / Founder